Makes: 12 servings

1 cup   All-purpose flour 250 mL
1 tbsp   Sugar 15 mL
½ tsp   Salt 2 mL
1 cup   Milk 250 mL
2 tbsp   Butter, melted 30 mL
¾  cup   Prestige™ Ultra™ liquid whole eggs, well shaken 175 mL

1. Combine flour, sugar and salt.  Whisk in remaining ingredients.
2. Pour 2 - 3 tbsp (30 - 45 mL) batter for each crepe into lightly greased crepe pan and rotate pan to cover bottom. Cook until light brown, turning once.

* Berry Dessert Crepes Fill each crepe with berries and whipped cream and roll-up. Cut in half and drizzle with a berry coulis and serve with additional berries